Brad's Baseball Card Lists

Looking for Sandberg and Santo!

I guess I should explain myself a little bit.  My name is Brad Zickefoose, I don't consider myself a nerdy guy, but I AM creating a baseball card index right now, so maybe I'm wrong.....

I am currently 24 years old and I have been collecting since 1990 at the age of 8.  Once torn between being a Cubs (born in Chicago) and Braves (majority of growing up outside of Atlanta) fan, I have been a full on Cubs fan since 1998.   I take a road trip up to Wrigley field once every year and attend every Cubs/Braves game at Turner Field.  As bad as the Cubs can be, I can't get away from the games on TV, the sounds of Santo on the radio broadcasts, or the boardies over at

I have accumulated many cards though the years, and when I recently got back in to the hobby, I found myself very unattached to anything not CUBS. 

My Ryne Sandberg collection is now over 1,500 items cards, and I have also focused on collecting Ron Santo, Mark Grace, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins. 

I also collect some of the Cubs prospects from when I was a young lad: Brooks Kieschnick, Robin Jennings, Kevin Orie, and Brant Brown.

Lastly, I enjoy getting new cards of just about any Cubs player from before 1985 and some of my favorite recent Cubs.

I do almost all of my trading/selling/buying on the Bench where my user name is : bzickefoose1

I have completed deals on the Bench (number is updated daily by the Bench's server), a perfect 5.0 rating on the Bench (judged on 1-5 scale for Packaging, Delivery Time, Card Condition, and Communication), and I have many references as well, so feel safe when dealing with me!

My e-mail is:

Thanks everybody!!!